Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the comission I earn per sale?

You will earn a one time 20% comission for every sale you make. This includes addons/upsells as well.

Q: How often are comissions paid out?

Comissions are paid out aproximently 2-3 weeks after the sale is complete. The transaction takes about a week to process and then we need assure the sale is valid and the aPage is delivered or on it’s way to completion.

Q: How are the sales tracked?

Sales and comissions are tracked manually through our eCommerce system and the aPage CRM. As there is more of a demand and volume increases we’ll implement a more automated tracking and payout system.

Q: Is it required to use the CRM?

It’s currently not required that sales representatives use our CRM. In the future it may be. Or, you may have the option to either use the CRM or use an affiliate link that tracks your comissions.

Q: Can anyone just start selling aPage?

To protect our brand and integreity with our sales force the application process is a requirement. It typically takes 3-5 business days to process an application.

Q: Are there any requirements to become a Sales Representatve?

Yes and no. You don’t need any previous sales experience or have a fancy degree and certifications. However, we do favor applicants that are enthusastic and/or experienced. Personality and how you represent yourself online is greatly taken into account as well. You’re becoming one of the faces of our company out there contacting random strangers/entreprenuers asking for their trust and money. We take that seriously and want the best for everyone.