Sales Process

We keep the sales process simple and genuine.

It’s all about conversation and connecting with our audience.

1. Identify Prospects (make a list)

The first step is to identify a prospect. We recommend spending a while searching and making a list of people that could be a good fit for one of the aPage packages.

As you make a list, take notes about specific talking points or pain points they may have so you know what you’re looking for when you go on to the next step and contact them.

  • Make a list
  • Include notes about each prosepct in your list.
  • Include contact info in your list for quick refrence.

2. Rearch Each Prospect (get to know them first)

At aPage we’re all about building relationships and genuinely helping entreprenuers grow and prosper. We absolutely don’t condone the “blast loads of people with a heartless thoughtless DM or email and after contacting 500 surely one will get back”. Taking the time to research into a prospects actualy needs and wants gets HUGE results and starts the relationship off right.

From our experience, 90%+ of the prospects we contact respond becasue we take the time to know, research, understand and actually take a couple minutes to tailor a custom email message that speaks in their values and needs.

  • What’s their social following on differnt platforms?
  • Do they have a website now?
  • Does their website suck?
  • Could they use a website?

3. Contact Them

This is where you have a lot of flexability. If you’re experienced you have a good idea of what method of contact is best for the first impression. 

We’ve gotten great results from direct emailing people geniuine emails and then following up with them on Social Media via DM (Direct Message). We’re looking forward to hearing what methods work good for you.

  • Be conversational.
  • Ask good and specific questions.
  • Honestly intend to help them.
  • Address existing problems that are obvious.
  • Be real.

4. Follow-up & Respond

If someone hasn’t responded to you in 3-4 days, follow-up with them about your initial contact. Have an awesome personality and ask if they got the email/message. If they still don’t reply within 2-3 days, email them one more time. If they still don’t reply just drop it. We don’t pester cold leads/prospects that we’re reaching out to. 

Remember, we’re the cool sales men and woman. We don’t NEED them to buy aPage, we WANT them to buy because it truly helps them grow and prosper.

  • Be awesome and real.
  • Don’t pester them. These people are busy.
  • If they don’t reply after 2 follow-ups drop it like it’s hot.

5. Close the sale

When you’ve answered all of your prospects questions and they’re feeling good about the decision and ready to buy this is what you do. 

It’s always great to be on the phone with them during this process but not required. Here’s what you do: Send them to the aPage website, have them select their package and checkout. It’s that easy.

  • Answer all their questions in detail.
  • Send them to to checkout OR
  • Walk them through the checkout process via in person or phone.