Startup Bundle

We hook you up.

When you join the sales team you get everything you need to be a professional powerhouse, for free. Here is what’s inside the aPage Sales Startup Bundle (everything you get free of charge once you join)…

The Hustler Profile™️

When you join the family we commit to you the same you’re comitting to us. We also want you representing yourself as a super professional and making good first impressions.

Your aPage branded and fully customized Hustler Profile™️ is your very own corner of the internet to send potential prospects. It has everything you need:

  • A personal profile about you.
  • A place for people to book meetings with you.
  • All of your contact information.
  • A contact form.

aPage Branded Email …we provide you with a branded professional business email for communicating with your prospects and network. Keep it 100.

  • Customized aPage email signature.
  • G Suite by Google (including all the 20+ apps)

HubSpot CRM

We give you access to track all of your prospects as they go through the sales cycle. We use HubSpots award winning kick a** CRM (Customer Relationship Managment). This gives you a lot of tools to help your sales process and all right within your G Suite by Google aPage email account.

  • Track email clicks & opens
  • Email templates with autofill
  • Link for meeting bookings that synch into your calendar
  • Track leads through a sales pipeline
  • One-click to add a new lead right from your email account
  • Insane amounts of free training and resources
  • …and a lot more cool tools and resources.

Q&A Meeting With Tie (Founder)

This is always free for team members anways but listed here because it’s part of the onboarding process for new team members. Meet with Tie, the founder of aPage, to get any specific questions answered, get ideas or inspiration, share your ideas, talk shop and anything else you may want to fit into a 30-60 minute chat with “The Chief”.

“I go out of my way to connect with and get to know everyone on the team. I really care about your goals and ambitions and want to get to know you on a personal level. This company is designed for each of us to get our own success through helping others get theirs. There’s no I in team, only an a… an a for aPage (yeah that was pretty cheeky).” – Tie

  • Get very specific answers questioned.
  • Share your ideas or methods.
  • Have a laugh or tell some stories.